The Case for Social Media Vetting

Social media history of candidates and employees is a subject that has received heightened attention in the past few years.

Lots of questions have been discussed, decided, and decried.

  • Is it reasonable to review a candidate’s social media history?
  • How do you “unsee” something on social media that might influence your hiring decision?
  • Is it legal to ask a candidate to for their social media credentials?
  • Are all candidates and employees held accountable to the same social media code of conduct?
  • What is a social media code of conduct?

If you are an organization that has a high standard and public image to uphold you will certainly want to know if there are any “surprises” that exist in the persons digital past.

Social media screening allows you to reduce the risk of making the wrong hire – or worse hiring a person and have an embarrassing or controversial social media event come to everyone’s attention.